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Social & Cultural Activities Unit

The Technion Challenge Canada Recreation Center ‘Makak’ Sports Day Pilates class at the Canada Recreation Center Technion Societies Center – “Adot”
The Technion Challenge - Challenging sports competition testing the physical and mental fitness of faculty teams consisting of teachers, students and staff.
Canada Recreation Center ‘Makak’ - Located in the Canada Dorms, the Center provides a relaxed environment with a laid back lounge area, cafeteria and music center. It’s a great place meet up with friends or hang-out at between lectures, club meetings or fitness classes.
Sports Day - A variety of athletic events, including individual and group sports, with prizes awarded.
Pilates class at the Canada Recreation Center - A form of exercise combining mental and physical concentration to strengthen muscles, improve flexibility, posture and coordination, and relieve tension and stress.
“Meshi” - Israel National Trail Club
Technion Societies Center – “Adot”
The Social & Cultural Activities Unit at the Dean of Students Office cooperates with the Technion Student Association (ASAT) and Technion International (designated support office for all international students) in organizing activities promoting a healthy, balanced and diverse lifestyle in the form of lectures, fitness classes, club meetings, and special events. Activities are designed to increase social interaction on campus, between faculties and student-faculty, and are aimed at expanding horizons and delivering added value beyond the entertainment value.

Our activities are guided by the following principles:

For more information or suggestions, please write to us at keshet@cc.technion.ac.il