Technion Societies Center & Jester Center

At the Rifkin Dormitories

The Technion Societies Center and the Jester Center are located across the street from the sports center in the lower section of the Rifkin Dormitories. Both centers are equipped with study areas and meeting rooms for individual study.

Technion Societies Center
The Technion Societies Center is located in the lower section of the Rifkin Dormitories between buildings 7 and 8.

The center houses a variety of recreational facilities and study areas:

  1. Study area at the top level that includes plenty of seating and large tables, including a coffee bar.
  2. Multi-purpose hall to accommodate lectures and special events, with a projector and sound system.
  3. Music room with electric piano and musical equipment.
  4. Study area at the lower level including TV lounge.

Hours of Operation:
Sun.-Wed. – 20:00-23:00

Jester Center
The Jester Center is located between the Rifkin Dorms Management Office and the Technion Societies Center, between buildings 6 and 9. The center provides 3 study spaces intended for individual and group study, two on the lower level and one on the top level.

Hours of Operation: 24/7

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