The Wunsch Foundation for Lectures, Performances & IQ Club

The Wunsch Foundation for Lectures, Performances & IQ Club, funded by the Technion through the Dean of Students Office, was established to expose Technion students to the best in Israeli art, literature, philosophy, poetry, and music, through lecture series, performances and special events run in cooperation with the Technion Student Association (ASAT).

Personalities hosted by the Foundation and IQ Club include:
Writers: Meir Shalev and Etgar Keret, and scientists and thinkers such as Prof. Robert John Aumann and Amos Oz

Popular Media Figures: Ron Ben-Yishai (journalist), Yaron Zelekha (economist), and Ben-Dror Yemini (journalist).

Musicians: Ehud Banai and Danny Sanderson, who also lead short workshops.

These events are typically held at the Student Union Building or at the Canada Recreation Center (located at the Canada Dorms).

For more information or suggestions, please write to us at